Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New release the Colubridae Collar. A new Posture collar which covers lower face below the nose and has laces running up the back. It is scripted with 2 different head locks. Alpha layer included.

Also I missed a few posts around Halloween because I don't think anyone even reads this blog anyways ... but The Raven Bracers with scripted resize and hide/show feathers were released around then. As well as witch hats for Halloween! They are still super cheap and will remain out year round.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lucky Shot & Armbands

Lucky Shot Necklaces - Ballchain with silver bullets, Dice cord, and Rabbit's foot. Features a new multi script that can hide and show certain sections, resize, reposition, all that cool crap from just one script. Rabbit foot changes colors by clicking it.

SiniStyle Armbands - Menacing Armband Freebie ... Free for a short time. Get it before it mysteriously becomes a few Lindens.

I have changed all Vendors to a new System, you can now redeliver all missing transactions and purchase as a gift. Items will arrive boxed in new unpackers.

Also all purchases over 100L will earn 4% credit. If you do not have enough accrued credit to purchase a item you can pay the credit banner the difference to add to it so you can spend your rewarded amount. The Credit/Redeliver terminal is surrounded by candles off to the side of TP landing zone. I will be creating gift cards soon and they will be available near the terminal when I am ready to make them live.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 9 Lots o Stuff

I am pretty sure this was the biggest release in the history of SiniStyle. It was kind of fun to just stock pile some stuff up and work constantly on new items, I'll have to do more of that since my ideas just won't stop lately. Also my 5th Rez-day is coming up so I will be planning some kind of SiniStyle Sale. Not sure what I will actually do but there should be new items involved.

New Posture type Collars with 2 Posture poses and the ability to turn off the headlock by touch menu.

SiniStyle Eyes in 12 colors plus a bonus "Blind" if you buy the pack of all colors at a highly discounted price. All eyes come with a RageFace Hud, to lock face in a scowl.

Leather Skirt: Industrial Styled with Stripes in 12 colors, or a scripted version with every color at a reduced price. Also a basic black.

Leg Tie Bandanas: Paisley print and prints with Skulls.

Taped Guts: Tape around guts, simple as that.

Also I have switched to a new update group system, again. Since getting rid of the subscribe-O-matic, which is highly overpriced, was one of the best things ever to do. Fuck that thing, I know the owner reset someone's balance when they didn't pay it for a year, bad business bro.

Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Pat's

Small Saint Patrick's day release while I work on 2 other items. Comes with Headband, Nipple Covers, Upper Arms, Wrists, Pelvis/Bottom, and Anklets.

Also the body paints are from twee. So head there now and pick them up.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SiniStyle Cybernetics

NK-13 Cybernetic Legs the first release in a new venture, brand within a brand, SiniStyle Cybernetics. Legs are scripted re-size and have two alpha layers for different wearable options, waist and stomach.

I will be periodically adding new pieces in the Cybernetic line with another planned as next release.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eye Patches For Minions

New @ SiniStyle Main Store, "Minion" Helmet and Eye Patch. Helmet features SiniStyle Decals which can be hidden with a simple click or you can add your own and cycle textures by clicking. Comes in 2 versions with and without a short hair style.

The Eye patch comes with a Suture Tattoo layer in 4 different skin tones that should work with most skins.

Also the Sim has been redone in a new Lava/Hell style. I have opened the new TP spot and am still working on the surrounding area around the Store build.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Release @ the Main Store, Mantis Gas Mask. Features color change lenses and on/off breathing sounds. Loosely based on Psycho Mantis' mask from Metal Gear Solid.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Zydrate JailBait

Zydrate Anatomy - Based on the Amber Sweet character from Repo! The Genetic Opera. 4 Corset Versions (including shoulder pieces), 2 Skirt Versions (normal and short), Choker, Thigh High Boots, Pasties and Incision Scars. I highly recommend using viewer 2 for the alpha layer boots, but I have added pieces that include invis prims for older viewer versions.
See the movie and get more info here:

JailBait - Fishnet tank and tights with a rubberish bikini in 5 colors, broken down into various options with and without fishnetting.

I hope to incorporate more alpha layer/ avatar integration items in the future especially with Halloween coming up. I've kinda halted on Sim design but would like to have something for a store build for Halloween, so we shall see. I've been lazy :(

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ripper II

I always thought the first Ripper boots were a unique and original idea and recently I looked at them again and considering they were among some of my first items I made, I thought I could make them better and update them.

Ripper II boots now are Hud controlled so you can activate 3 blades instead of just one. They are operated in sets so you can have 3 blades, the inner blade, or just the outer blades slide in and out. Also by clicking the toe prim you can cycle 3 different textures which include 2 blood textures.