Thursday, March 29, 2007

Homicidal Tuxedos

Homicidal Demise is a return to a more bloody outfit where the blood is the main part. I've been asked so many times when I'm doin more, I started to feel bad for not doing any, so I decided to sell the clothing layers I made for the new Filth Ad.

Also whipped out a Tuxedo T Shirt, for Formal events where you still wanna show you came to party. New and worn in prints that I did basically out of boredom and they turned out pretty good. elka came and tackled me after I posted to forums cuz she made one and had yet to release it ... Still put yers out woman!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ripper Boots

Finally! I have been picking away at these boots for what feels like a month, even though they sat about that long, untextured in my inventory since I put out the shitkickers. Scripts started to be a problem because everyone's boot blades would go off at the same time. Thankully Shammy had immaculate mastubation visions and was able to stop that from happening so I could release them. "Ripper" more or less came from Jack the Ripper cuz that is what the blades reminded me of, and that sounds kinda reminds me of Wolverine 'SNIKT'

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pack of Blacks

I have been wasting tons of time working on a new pair of boots and thought I should get something else out soon, so threw together a pack of black T's before realeasing the new boots. The scripts will be done hopefully by Saturday just have to tweak them a bit, but the animation came out lookin badass and the sound completes it. Shammy Smashcan is a scripting god, I can tell him what I want and if he doesn't know how to do it he learns it in a matter of seconds.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Slit Your Wrists

Leather wrist cuffs with razor blades stapled on. The original idea for these came from Trinitee wanting big flappy straps on some wrist cuffs, then I (being sick and twisted) put on the razor blades and changed the excess strap. Will prolly do a Brown pair as well because I already have the texture and am lazy enough to just slap it on. I've been wanting to do some more gore stuff, just really not sure what to do so, I'l prolly do a brainstorming session in the next couple days and start on that after I do a couple new Mangler Jeans! XD