Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vengeance is Mine

Completed some new cuffs, these are a lot thicker and chunkier than the Wrist Slitters. Named Vengeance Cuffs, because for some reason I thought of Ghost Rider (even though the RaGe Gloves started influenced by Tekken and Ghost Riders gloves) Not Nic Cage Ghost Rider, but like Mark Texeira drawin Ghosty, those were some of my favorite books until the story died at issue 25 when TEX moved on to other stuff. Anyways .... 2 sizes, 2 styles, mod, copy, and no xfer. Spirit of Vengeance, Bitches!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strangled By Webs & Riot Knee Pads!

I've started to stray away from Photoshop so much and have become a bigger fan of primwork. when I sit and think about what I want to do I'd rather be in game, messin with crap instead of stuck in Ps for hours and hours. I'm sure I'll get tired of it eventually and go back to clothes but right now, focus is on accessories for a bit. Which gives us the Spider Web Choker, with lil dangly spider, which is microscopic as is, but that sucker has 6 eyes on it!

Riot Knee Pads I've actually been holding onto for like 2 months now. Originally created as a accessory for school outfits, I decided to put them out with new textures and scripted for hide/show spikes. There is no knee attachment on AV's so they kinda get screwed up when you crouch or squat but It cures certain poses if you attach them to lower leg.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Barb Wire Arms

Completed Barb Wire Arm Bands for females only really, I suppose smaller dudes could wear them but intial concept was female only, with a plan to make something else for guys on upper arm.

Spent the last week building a addition onto store which I moved all of my stuff into over the past 2 days. Was feeling constricted on wall space and limited on how I wanted to display stuff. This new addition gives me a lot of room to expand and place new stuff!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Snake Bites

Noam put out my dream hair! Since I started playin SL I wanted some form of Rob Zombie hair, my hair had always been long since I started but male hair was shit until Lost started cranking out styles. I've wanted matted grungy hair for a long time and Noam finally put some out! So .... I had to mod the band with a Rattlesnake Head!! It turned out so good I had to do something else with it, so why not tie them on myself?

Also have been pretty busy adding a new wing onto the store which I will be moving my stuff over to. the other side will just be explorabe and be covered with friends stuff. I couldn't organize stuff how I wanted to, and didn't want to build a whole new store, so just add on!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Girly T's

Whipped up some new Girly T's! Zombie Luvin, Intoxicant, Decomposed, and Barbs. Will slowly be goin darker (Few things in mind plus some fun Prim stuff) but wanted to get out some more Female stuffs. I like how these shirts turned out, and doesn't Trin look Hella sexy wearin 'em? ;D