Saturday, June 23, 2007

Penance Bracer

Penance Bracers, Metal Halos that hold straps. I started with that idea and then wanted spikes on them, so I based them loosely on Nic Cage's jacket in the Ghost Rider movie. They are tiny little studs, but when he changes to GR the hellfire makes them bigger ... yadda yadda yadda, if you haven't see the movie. Bracers are click touch Retract and Extend for spikes, and come in two preset sizes. Mod, Copy, No Xfer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Dreadnok Boots in clean metal and rusty. I liked how the DNA turned out so I decided on 2 more boots using that shape, Dreadnok being the first. Also I decided to make these no mod due to the primwork on the skull, Thus they come in 2 premade sizes. I wanted a Goth Boot that made you just want to rip someone's head off, and ended up designing these with just me in mind. I usually come up with a name while working on stuff but the name for these came after they were finished. I had the suggestion of "Skull Fook'd" from Vas and laughed like a idiot, but Dreadnok has the staying power and was the name I stuck on them originally. Dreadnoks came to mind while building them, the Cobra Mercenaries all decked out in biker gear. And since one of my boots is named Ripper it kinda fit.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'd been wanting to do some kind of full head mask for awhile, this actually started as a full hood from a picture on But it just wasn't working, the same as anything I've tried for full head before. So I scrapped the innards and kept the straps. I still have the full head so maybe I'll tweak it into something else down the road, it just requires a copy of your shape with a shrunken head, LOL. OverBite comes with rusty versions and smaller ones for tinier heads.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

DNA Evidence

DNA Evidence boots that leave a bloody trail behind incriminating much? A lot of crap has been goin down with the copying of prim work of my boots. So I felt it was time to release a new pair, 2 people have stolen my prim work or mixed it with other designers. One of which I caught personally on my building platform before he was orbed out. Mind you my platform is set to a certain height, yet he sat on a prim and elevated it to the exact point. After that happened I banned him from my store and urged other people to do the same. There is a friendly message to him hidden in these new boots for when he decides to rip them apart, or a Message to anyone that decides to inspect them.

I am tired of the stealing that happens in SL it really makes me not want to make new content for everyone else to steal and copy. Flame me if you want to, but the exact rebuilding of prims is so wrong. My Product is mod, it doesn't give you the right to pull it apart and get prim sizes and cuts to build your own from it. Nor does stealing a texture and painting over it which has happened. From now on I will be filling out the proper paperwork and just reporting, I won't even ask to have these items taken down. Figure stuff out on your own and there is no problem, don't let other people do the hard part for you and call it your own.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

5 Years Gone

5 Years Gone is Inspired by 'Future' Peter, Yes another Heroes Inspired coat! Future Peter was so badass, and how did he get that scar? Crazy I tell you .. unless you think that he never met Claire so he didn't have the power to regenerate. Coat comes in Episode Brown, but I wanted Black for myself so I included it in the box. Also Check out Trin's Awesome Claire Outfit from the last Episode of Volume 1. It's the hawtness ;)