Thursday, July 12, 2007

RoOdle Hair

The first SiniStyle female hair "Roodle" is born/hatched/immaculately concepted. Inspired by Girls Vomit Candy, RoOdle Multicolor only comes in the pack. Plus 2 new colors ecto and lightning. You can see the reference pic here

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Seraphim Bracelets, started as just the metal bracelets I saw on from a google search for goth. Angel ... Seraphim ... Never mind. It truly is scary all the things that pop up when you add the word goth to a search, LOL. So, wanting a little more than the metal bracelets I added rubber bracelets and tried to loop a set and made them all voice activated color change and hideable. Also go buy Satine's Rachel Rotten Hair called Viva @ Old Gravy. Based on the pornstar Rachel Rotten I asked her to make. Yeah, lots of porn pops up when I search for ideas, But that is what the internet was created for anyways, right?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hair of the Dawg

Hair, for a real long time now I wanted to try but always thought it looked too hard, and always admired people that could pull off realistic looking hair from pointy prims. I kinda always thought I'll just leave it to them and I'll stick to clothes. However, when I get a itch it has to be scratched. So after watching Trin make a couple kickass hair styles of her own I wanted to try too. She is the reason these hair styles are even a reality, I wanted to quit but she pushed me and even helped me by providing textures. So I blame Trinitee for my new hair bug, I love you baby :)
"Reznor" based on Trent Reznor and "Petrelli" based on Peter Petrelli are the first 2 styles. I plan on doing more and maybe even some female hair, but the plan is to go back to clothes or accessories for now.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Birth of Catalyst

Bathe in the afterbirth that is Catalyst, Trin and I's Brand together. SiniStyle and Refuge are still there, just something we can work together on from time to time for a conjoined kick ass product. Catalyst's Shack is located in front of SiniStyle.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Trespasser Beware

The final Boot with my preexisting shapes. Clean and rusted barbed wire wrapped and stapled around feet. Prim total came out to 667 for both feet, LOL! This will be the last boot I put out with the shape I have been using. Thinking about a small break to improve Maya skills, had the chance to play around in it for a few hours and started to pick it up pretty fast for never using it before. I'd like to spend a few days in it and actually see what I'm capable of.
Also Trin and I have been making a blended brand called "Catalyst" which started out as "Sinifuge" (Thank god we changed it). We just finished the first product and it came out so kick ass! I can't wait till we finish the ads we are doing so we can get them out. Was really fun to work with my girlfriend so closely on a project, though frustrating at times to get the real layout/meaning of what our ideas were, but so worth it! So look for Catalyst, hopefully at the start of next week or before.