Saturday, December 29, 2007

Uncharted Hair

So I was so pissed off with Assassin's Creed and the white load screen of death and locking up. Before the patch that fixed all that, I bought Uncharted Drake's Fortune thinking I'd have something to play until Creed was fixed. I loved Uncharted so much I made Elena's hair from it. Available in all the usual colors only at the Main Store. And btw Assasin's Creed's ending was so shitty ... if you even call that a ending ... Bastards make a actual story ending before you plot a damn sequel! I hate you UBIsoft!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's get Tank'D

The first of hopefully a few new hairs, Tank'D is loosely based off prolly the most famous Tank Girl comic cover floating around out there, I just left off all the Tank Girlness and made it a regular sculpted woolen hat, Only thing I wanted to add was a pair of goggles. The goggles, Hide/Show when clicked and hair comes with a pair of wearable goggles on their own. Both a Style for men and women in 16 hair colors, Try the demo. Mod, Copy, No Xfer.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

3 New Belts

Created 3 new belts with chains n things. Beatnik, Nemesis (spikes), and Oi!(studs) come with a clasp hook chain. Comes in 2 sizes to fit most males, females, furries and other things. Also the sim is now Winterized and I am slowly but surely building a town in the corner, kinda as a boredom project that no one will really understand until I can use windlight effects for the entire sim. I so want windlight to be live :(
Also on a side note, I have dealt with so much DMCA crap lately I didn't really want to release anything and really still don't. I find that asking people to take stuff down (as a courtesy to them) does not work anymore and only instigates fights, which I refuse to participate in anymore. They lie to your face, or in some cases say that you are the one that has stolen from them, or will further edit my items so LL will not do anything. I will no no longer be asking ahead of time before filing paperwork. If I find my work copy botted or textures stolen I will silently file and/or take legal action without giving them a chance to pull items or alter my works. This issue really needs to be addressed by Lindens as it's getting to be really sick and much more common.
Case in point Below, this boot is from the store ShooZ! and 90% of the prims are the exact size and cuts as my own compared side by side (I even suspect she has stolen from Shiny Things), I confront her and says she has done nothing wrong , yet the actual boot in her store has no creatorand she has since edited them even farther. Just tired of dealing with this, Lazy people that have some creative ability blatanlty stealing instead of figuiring it out on their own ... Get a damn life.