Monday, January 28, 2008

Cupid is a Horrible Shot

I'm Feeling Festive! Cupid's Arrow has Hit me and I'm In Looooooovee!! (You can all vomit now) Cupid's Arrow, Animated Beating heart with blood squirts and beating noise, with and without particle hearts that show how in love you are. Forget the fact your heart is out of your chest ... Copy Only. There is a demo displayed above the sign @ Main Store.

Also on a side note I will be offering Vendor Space on my sim, if interested send me a notecard and landmark to your main store. I am trying to keep a urban/goth/horror theme.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Blasphemy & Stalker

Decided I wanted to make male counterparts to the female boots I was making. I initially was going to hold back on releasing the female boots until I had male to go with them but decided to put them out and see how they went over. So Blasphemy and Stalker were born, try the demos and Such. Gonna go start a Valentine thingy ...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Stealth Deception

New Deception and Stealth Boots for females are up at the main store. I have contemplated new boots for awhile and since I had so many complaints (from women) about the other boots being big I thought I'd make some special for girls for making them wear larger boots. These boots have kinda been made before in world but I thought I could do better and more realistic, with my Maya skills getting better I thought I'd try, so let me know what you think. Hopefully will be a few new pair for Men too on the way.