Monday, April 21, 2008


Because it is no Mod I received numerous requests for a short bottom turning the Trench-like Coat into a Jacket. So now @ SiniStyle Design Main Store, I've put out a Death Dealer Short Bottom Expansion Piece. All that is in this vendor is the shorter Jacket Bottom in Male and Female Sizes. Scripted Resize and Copy Only. I was also thinking of another top portion with spikes on the shoulder straps, maybe I will get to that and also trying a recolor (Red) which Dante's is, from the Devil May Cry Series, Since that was the coat it was modeled after.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Female Death Dealer

Had a lot of requests already to make a female version of the Death Dealer Coat , so I spent the time rebuilding. Female version is the same as male with resculpted pieces to better fit the boobies and other areas. Comes with White Dirtied TankTop that was only available in the Rude Girl Multi pack. If you had already purchased the coat and realized I said "females don't buy the male coat" after the fact send me a notecard with transaction number and date purchased and I will send you the female version, ONLY if it is dated before 4/20/08. Resize Scripted and Copy Only.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Death Dealt ... out ... er something

Finally after working on it off and on for about a month, I have completed what I think is one of my best things yet. Inspired by Dante's coat in Devil May Cry 3 comes the Death Dealer Coat. 3 Sleeve variations, rolled, zippers and just plain leather and also black leather pants. This coat will absolutely not fit females unless they have no boobs. If I get enough requests I will resculpt the chest portion, I just dread it after spending so long on this one, LOL.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fooled

So, I planned out a April Fool prank ... Pissed off a lot of people, made Some angry, and showed a lot what could happen if content theft continues to get worse in game. I'm sure any creator can tell you what it feels like to be stolen from, it pisses you off and makes you want to just quit SL, I've thought about it a couple times. So instead of looking at it as a negative I decided have some fun with it. I love April Fools Day, it's great ... a great way to start Spring and forget about Winter stress.

So anyways there is new crap in store if anyone hasn't boycotted me for havin some fun with a April Fool Prank, I had fun and that's all that matters to me.

Expansion Parts for Deception and Stealth Boots, Converts to a Platform boot instead of a heel, Sold as Foot Piece only.

Condemned Shirts with scripted Board W/Nails 3 shirts .... BeatDown Shirts in 5 colors Buy the pack or singles ... and Taped Fingers with black finger nails in 4 Glove Variations.