Sunday, May 16, 2010

SS Baby

Small release this weekend as I took a break from redoing the island. SS Officer caps in Black and Gray. Heartagram version included if you do not want to wear, or are offended by the swastika version.

No I am not a nazi, and this hat should not be used as such so I will paste the included notecard here as well.

------Detailed Accurate Replica Not For Nazi Use

I do not support neo-nazi ideals nor the third reich, my intentions were to make the most realistic and accurate version as I could of a piece of WW2 history that is often used in goth fashion and cosplay. For those who are offended I am including a alternate version with the swastika replaced with a heartagram.

The swastika was once commonly used all over much of the world without stigma, because of its iconic usage in Nazi Germany the symbol has become stigmatized in the Western world, notably even outlawed in Germany.