Monday, August 30, 2010

Zydrate JailBait

Zydrate Anatomy - Based on the Amber Sweet character from Repo! The Genetic Opera. 4 Corset Versions (including shoulder pieces), 2 Skirt Versions (normal and short), Choker, Thigh High Boots, Pasties and Incision Scars. I highly recommend using viewer 2 for the alpha layer boots, but I have added pieces that include invis prims for older viewer versions.
See the movie and get more info here:

JailBait - Fishnet tank and tights with a rubberish bikini in 5 colors, broken down into various options with and without fishnetting.

I hope to incorporate more alpha layer/ avatar integration items in the future especially with Halloween coming up. I've kinda halted on Sim design but would like to have something for a store build for Halloween, so we shall see. I've been lazy :(