Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 9 Lots o Stuff

I am pretty sure this was the biggest release in the history of SiniStyle. It was kind of fun to just stock pile some stuff up and work constantly on new items, I'll have to do more of that since my ideas just won't stop lately. Also my 5th Rez-day is coming up so I will be planning some kind of SiniStyle Sale. Not sure what I will actually do but there should be new items involved.

New Posture type Collars with 2 Posture poses and the ability to turn off the headlock by touch menu.

SiniStyle Eyes in 12 colors plus a bonus "Blind" if you buy the pack of all colors at a highly discounted price. All eyes come with a RageFace Hud, to lock face in a scowl.

Leather Skirt: Industrial Styled with Stripes in 12 colors, or a scripted version with every color at a reduced price. Also a basic black.

Leg Tie Bandanas: Paisley print and prints with Skulls.

Taped Guts: Tape around guts, simple as that.

Also I have switched to a new update group system, again. Since getting rid of the subscribe-O-matic, which is highly overpriced, was one of the best things ever to do. Fuck that thing, I know the owner reset someone's balance when they didn't pay it for a year, bad business bro.