Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lucky Shot & Armbands

Lucky Shot Necklaces - Ballchain with silver bullets, Dice cord, and Rabbit's foot. Features a new multi script that can hide and show certain sections, resize, reposition, all that cool crap from just one script. Rabbit foot changes colors by clicking it.

SiniStyle Armbands - Menacing Armband Freebie ... Free for a short time. Get it before it mysteriously becomes a few Lindens.

I have changed all Vendors to a new System, you can now redeliver all missing transactions and purchase as a gift. Items will arrive boxed in new unpackers.

Also all purchases over 100L will earn 4% credit. If you do not have enough accrued credit to purchase a item you can pay the credit banner the difference to add to it so you can spend your rewarded amount. The Credit/Redeliver terminal is surrounded by candles off to the side of TP landing zone. I will be creating gift cards soon and they will be available near the terminal when I am ready to make them live.